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Good skincare and a healthy lifestyle go hand in hand.

Our classy beauty salon is the ultimate place for all you girls who want to ditch the nightlife but still get your party on….SPA STYLE.

The skincare line we use was created with the idea that skincare as part of a daily routine can make a difference and bring out your most beautiful natural appearance.

This collection of women’s and men’s products are made with the finest, most effective ingredients, and when used separately or in combination, creates amazingly healthy skin. The products are not outrageously priced and offer great value. You’ll look good and feel good.

The treatments we offer include:

* Skin Allergy Testing

* OXYGEN Rejuvenation Therapy

* Hand Rejuvenation

* Professional Facials

As your partner in skin improvement and maintenance, our trained team will introduce you to the specific treatments and products which will have your skin looking better and healthier in no time.

The products and treatments we recommend are the most advanced skincare programs, which we use at our center. You may rest assured that you are receiving the best medically proven products and effective treatments available.

Our salon delivers traditional facials as well as a variety of extraordinary "spa facials" that are sure to make your skin feel clean, nourished and well hydrated. For example, our Oxygen Facial stimulates and feeds your skin to encourage the growth of collagen.

More and more men are enjoying the benefits of rejuvenating facials. Both men and women enjoy relaxing in our luxury spa.

Whether you have a medical dermatological condition, have damaged skin, or are looking to enhance and maintain your skin and glowing complexion, the aestheticians at our salon can address your skincare and non-surgical rejuvenation concerns.

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