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Eyebrows are one of your most important features, providing a frame for your face.

Our beauty salon offers eyebrow services. Our Eyebrow Stylist is licensed and highly skilled in advanced eyebrow techniques.

An eyebrow makeover includes a facial consultation and may include waxing, tinting, shaping, tweezing and trimming - whatever it takes to leave you with the best brows possible.

Our services include:

• Eyebrow Shaping

• Eyebrow Tinting

• Eyelash Tinting

• Lip Wax

• Chin Wax

We’ll accent the natural size and shape of your eyebrows with careful trimming and tweezing to create balance, symmetry, and harmony. This service includes a consultation about your current brow shape, and what your goals are for the future.

Together, we will develop a plan and appointment schedule to best suit your brow growth and needs for the future. You will also be shown how to properly fill in your brows to finish off the look, and how to get the best shade recommendations for your skin tone.

The advantages of our eyebrow shaping technique are:

• It lasts longer

• It is more precise

• It shapes eyebrows more precisely

• It is less painful than waxing and plucking

Our main focus is all about emphasizing your God-given attributes for a naturally beautiful and defined face. With our high level of care and expertise, our team will precisely shape your brows into the perfect shape to showcase your best facial features, frame your eyes, and complete your entire look.

One of our "Eyebrow Experts" will consult with you, then carefully sculpt your eyebrows, followed by applying a little bit of makeup. Contact us for more information at (813) 123-4567.


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